Loudspeaker Innovation by Garnett Wosley Alexander

LIGWA Ltd was formed by G W Alexander to provide specialist advice on sound, noise, acoustics and audio visual design. The company directors have a comprehensive and proven track record spanning more than 25 years in the business.

Since the launch, the company has seen a growth in size and stature and has been commissioned on numerous projects in the UK in a wide variety of acoustics, audio and noise disciplines.

Our philosophy is to engage with our clients to support them on matters that are important to their business and that enhance their reputation and value.

We recognise that today’s market requires responsiveness from the clients chosen business partners and therefore we place the highest priority on quality and commitment.

LIGWA Ltd is more than a consultancy committed to technical excellence and we strive to introduce new and innovative ways to work alongside our clients to help them capitalise on the continually evolving and exciting business opportunities in their markets.

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