The 18SUB is a high output, high definition, passive subwoofer designed for both portable and fixed installation applications requiring very high output at the lowest frequencies while maintaining low distortion. It is part of OEM’s full line of CX Series premium loudspeakers which are designed to provide unmatched sonic quality at very high sound pressure levels.

OEM Audio has designed the 18SUB with a high quality 18” long excursion cast frame woofer with a 4” edge wound high temperature resistant voice coil. This enables the 18SUB to produce sustained high levels of low frequency output while efficiently dissipating heat to improve long term reliability and reduce power compression. Additionally, the 18SUB woofer has a specially designed Kevlar reinforced cone which provides consistent sonic performance when driven at even the highest levels.

The 18SUB addresses a wide range of subwoofer applications from live sound to commercial installations due to its high reliability and excellent sonic characteristics. It can be used with any of the CX full range loudspeaker models to create a variety of complete and sonically matched sound systems.


  • High Output/Low Distortion Woofer with a 4” Voice Coil and Kevlar Reinforced Cone
  • 750W AES Power Rating
  • Ultra Rugged Premium Birch Plywood Cabinet
  • High Durability Polyuria Finish

Dimension Drawings

Technical Specifications